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The Sunshine Group is a breast cancer support group originally established at Aintree University Hospital, based in the North West of England.   

Operating as a charity, our income is solely derived from voluntary donations, such as: 

  • Public donations – you can find out more about donating, by clicking here  
  • Sponsorship – we work with local businesses and greatly welcome payment in the form of money, goods, or services – click here to explore the partners we work with and to find out how you can involved?
  • Treatments – we offer complementary therapies free of charge, but always welcome small donations – look at our treatments by clicking here 


The Sunshine Group is a registered charity in England and Wales (1050542-4552) and is part of the Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund.  You can read more about Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund by clicking here. 

Ann’s story

In 2013, the Sunshine Group was taken over by Ann Coffey, a retired headteacher.

Ann was born in Crosby, where she has lived ever since. Previously she trained as a teacher at Hope University in Childwall, followed by a master’s degree at the University of Manchester.

After over 3 decades of teaching, Ann was sadly diagnosed with lobular breast cancer in 2010. Ann went through vigorous treatment and after a mastectomy, reconstruction surgery, radiotherapy, and 10 years of tamoxifen hormonal therapy drug medication she was at a transitional point in her life. She was far too young to let this disease take over, but conversely, she didn’t want to return to teaching. While trying to decide on her future, Ann sadly lost her husband of 38 years, Graham, to sepsis. Through this difficult time, Ann found comfort from her daughter, Emma, and her husband Robyn, who have remained a consistent support in her life.

3 years after Ann’s diagnosis, she was delighted to be asked by the breast cancer clinic at Aintree University Hospital to run their support group. At the time, the group consisted of 6 members, all individuals affected by breast cancer.

Since 2013, the group has grown significantly and now has over 350 members. The group is open to anyone who has experienced breast cancer, including family members and provides invaluable support during the emotional, mental, and physical recovery from breast cancer enabling people to come together and share their experiences of this terrible disease.

Ann works alongside a team of dedicated volunteers and therapists who all play a vital part in the Sunshine Group. You can learn more about our volunteers, by clicking here. Each volunteer has their own personal experience of breast cancer, many of whom have made lifelong friendships within the charity. 

In addition to the Sunshine Group, Ann is a proud board member of the Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance.